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    Here's my take on a new support champion that everyone has been asking for these past few months I'm still not good with some of the numbers (hence why I have '?' for alot of them. I apologise if any one of existing stats seem too OP, I'll get round to adding/changing them later. Comments/suggestions/feedback appreciated! =]

    In the upper mountains of Ionia, Rithe toiled day and night to tune himself with nature and to master the mysteries of the world and magic. He found great respect in Karma who meditated in the Lotus Gardens. Unable to focus Rithe continued to seek to obtain the wonders of magic, he abandoned the natural ways of learning in Ionia and set off to Valoran, seeking for any way of attaining knowledge about anything. By the t…

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  • V3ctor

    First Champion Concept

    August 12, 2011 by V3ctor

    This is my first time with an idea of a champion that I have been thinking about for a while. However, the one thing I am not good at (at the moment) is with numbers/balancing since I have not had enough experience with LoL, so I will just replace the numbers with x and maybe one of you pro people can make some up :P

    I was thinking about stealth champions and I thought about having a support, stealth champion..which might sound a bit strange or OP or UP or god knows what.

    My champion is the Shadow Trickster (don't know about the Shadow part, but the Trickster part is what I was looking for)

    When I think of this champion, it's a mix between Veigar and Shaco, a tiny evil little annoying laughing jester trickster thing which makes your life a he…

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