This is my first time with an idea of a champion that I have been thinking about for a while. However, the one thing I am not good at (at the moment) is with numbers/balancing since I have not had enough experience with LoL, so I will just replace the numbers with x and maybe one of you pro people can make some up :P

I was thinking about stealth champions and I thought about having a support, stealth champion..which might sound a bit strange or OP or UP or god knows what.

My champion is the Shadow Trickster (don't know about the Shadow part, but the Trickster part is what I was looking for)

When I think of this champion, it's a mix between Veigar and Shaco, a tiny evil little annoying laughing jester trickster thing which makes your life a hell. He uses dances (which are stances) to annoy you. Also, his support role is less so on aiding your allies but more on annoying the ** out of the enemy so that your team and finish them better.

I know about the stealth rework and the stealth for this guy will probably work like that.

All I have here is the skills and how they work, no base armour/MR/damage etc yet, but I guess he'll be a squishy little tacker.

Innate: Trickster’s Bane

When a there is an enemy champion within x range. The Trickster is stealthed for x seconds and gains x movement speed.

Q – Dance of Degeneration (Stance) – Persistent Aura

Reduces healing and regeneration capabilities of enemy champions by x%.

Activation: The Shadow Trickster saps the health of nearby enemies and adds it on to himself and his allies

Deals x/x/x/x/x % of enemy Max HP as damage and heals the amount to himself and allied champions.

W – Dance of Damnation (Stance) – Persistent Aura

Reduces enemy Armour and Magic Resistance by x amount.

Activation: Enemy champions are Silenced for 1.5 seconds.

E – Dance of Crippling (Stance) – Persistent Aura

Reduces enemy champion’s movement speed by x amount.

Activation: Enemy’s attack speed is reduced by x amount for x seconds.

R – Dance of Death (Active)

After dancing (channelling) for x second, enemy champions caught in the area take 200/300/400 damage and feared for x seconds. The effects of the stance prior to activating this are disabled until the end of the ultimate.

Basically how I thought this guy should be played is to constantly follow and harrass the enemy while your team. SInce you will be stealthed while you are near the enemy, they will be constantly harrassed by an invisible a**hole (unless of course they have an elixer)


Ultimate now deals damage

Removed channel time of W and increased silence by 1 second