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    Team Composition Talk

    October 24, 2012 by Vahldeer

    Since League of Legends is a massive game that grows in its immense diversity by the week, I feel like it takes a really long time for people to get a grasp on team compositions. I don't have the time to watch entire teams do battle over and over to find out what teams do what best, but that's why I made this blog: So people can talk about the goals of team compositions!

    I'm sure you've all heard of the AoE ult team comps, whose goal is to trap as many people as possible inside a giant mess of CC and damage.

    What about other team comps, like poke comps, or assassin comps?

    Sometimes, I get the feeling that people judge singular champions by themselves, rather than the goal that is trying to be accomplished.

    Here's something that puzzles me: Wha…

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  • Vahldeer


    August 17, 2012 by Vahldeer

    Being a musician, I enjoy finding and listening to good music. Don't we all?

    I created this Blog so that the commenters could post their favorite songs while playing League of Legends!

    Example posts-

    Evelynn - *Link*

    Vladimir - Example by Vahldeer

    XXX by ____ for (Champion Category [All is a category])




    [Insert Here]

    Thank you for replying!

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    A Slice Of My Thoughts

    July 22, 2012 by Vahldeer

    I like fighting him but because double WotA sustain on them spells almost certain doom for the enemy team. No, Kennen or Rumble is not the same, because Vladimir's moveset and Mordekaiser's moveset work better with WotA (Morde has shield and single target R, Vlad has E and R, single target Q, abilities cost hp as well)

    [Warning, I'm very slow about my descriptions and they don't make Vlad look good for the first paragraph, I also may sound like a braggart, but this isn't intentional as I'm leaving out unnecessary Morde details]

    I played a Summoner's Rift game where our Vladimir got camped 24/7 in top lane, and my laning enemy, Akali, roamed after 6 and build AD Carry with the money she earned. At one point in the game, I was tired of how the…

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  • Vahldeer

    Is the champ name, this is open to debate, as are some other things I say here, because otherwise I wouldn't be "publishing" this.

    Stat wise I am thinking of a play on Shyvana - This champ has no costs pre6, but gets a MANA bar instead of a fury bar.

    Originally I was thinking electricity but a creature that feeds on thoughts also works. Up for more suggestions.

    Health - ???(+??)

    Health Regen. - ?.??(+0.??)

    Mana Cap - ???(+??)

    Mana Regen. - Not Available

    Range - 140 [Debatable]

    Attack Damage - ??.?(+?.?)

    Attack Speed - 0.???(+?.??%)

    Armor - ??.?(+?.?)

    Magic Resist - 30(+?.??)

    Move Speed - 3??

    Rezhira adds 70% of her Spell Vamp to her Lifesteal

    The ratio is here because otherwise WotA + Hextech Gunblade = 55% lifesteal and 40% Spell Vamp, and that's not r…

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