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    Champion Allegiances

    May 31, 2013 by Valodor

    Demacia:     (11) Dual: (Bandle City) (Ionia)

    Noxus:    (10) Dual: (Shurima) (Zaun)

    Piltover: (6) Dual: (Bandle City)

    Zaun: (7) Dual: (Noxus)

    Ionia: (13) Dual: (Bandle CIty) (Freljord) (Demacia)

    Freljord: (10) Dual: (Ionia)

    Bandle City: (7) Dual: (Piltover) (Ionia) (Demacia)

    Bilgewater: (6)

    Shadow Isle: (7)

    Shurima: (5) (Noxus)

    Void: (5)

    MT Targon: (3)

    Independent:    (16)

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