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  • Valstork

    Assassin |date = 13 oct 2013

    |health = 30 |attack = 100 |spells = 10 |difficulty = 80

    |hp = 420(+80) |mana = 250(+60) |damage = 57(+3) |range = 125 |armor = 20(+2.8) |magicresist = 30(+1.25) |attackspeed = 0.700(+4%) |healthregen = 8(+0.5) |manaregen = 6(+0.7) |speed = 350 }}Levi Ackerman, Humanity’s Strongest Soldier is a custom champion in League of Legends based on the character Levi from Shingeki No Kyojin(Attack On Titan)[1] page work in progress.

    After every spell cast, Levi gains  % bonus Movement Speed and  % bonus Attack Speed that stacks up to 5 times. The buff expires after 8 seconds. The duration refreshes every time Levi gains a stack. }}


    |cooldown= |cost= |cost…

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  • Valstork

    Hero port : dragon knight

    September 12, 2013 by Valstork

    Slyrak's blood still courses through Davion's veins, giving him twice the vitality of an ordinary knight granting him bonus armor and health regeneration per second. These bonuses are doubled in Elder Dragon Form.}} Sir Davion unleashes a Breath of Fire in a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage and additional magic damage per second for 3 seconds.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 700 }}

    Sir Davion Bashes/strikes target enemy with his shield/tail, dealing physical damage and stunning the target.

    |leveling =


    |range = 150 (400 in Elder Dragon Form) |cooldown = 14 |cost = 110 |costtype = mana }}

    Sir Davion fires a orb of Draconic Energy in a line, dealing true damage and slowing the target briefly for 1 s…

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  • Valstork

    tank |alttype = support |date = 1 may 2013

    |health = 80 |attack = 40 |spells = 50 |difficulty = 60

    |hp = 450(+90) |mana = 260(+40) |damage = 57(+3.5) |range = 190 |armor = 18(+2.5) |magicresist = 30(+0) |attackspeed = 0.650(+3%) |healthregen = 5(+1) |manaregen = 6(+0.8) |speed = 340 }}Anubek, the Reaper of The Sands is a custom champion in League of Legends based on the april fools joke of sobek the black caiman from dota 2.[1] (page work in progress.)

    Every time anubek casts a ability, he gains a stack of Dark energy. He also gains a stack every 10 seconds.each stack of Dark energy he has will grant him attack damage and ability power per stack.this stacks up to five times.…
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  • Valstork

    Varok Saurfang, the high Overlord is a custom champion in League of Legends that is based of Varok Saurfang from world of warcraft.

    Saurfang's abilities cost rage to cast instead of mana. He uses rage as his secondary resource. Saurfang starts with 0 rage and it is capped at 100. Saurfang gains 5 rage with each auto-attack and he gains 5 rage for each instance of damage taken from enemy champions, rage depletes at a rate of 10 per 5 seconds if Saurfang has not taken or dealt damage in the last 10 seconds.

    Saurfang generates 25% bonus Rage for each enemy champion around him beyond the first in a 1000 radius. the bonus is capped at 100%. Saurfang generates 50% bonus rage when below 40% health. Saurfang gains  % bonus movement speed when moving …
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