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VamposoO August 7, 2011 User blog:VamposoO

My original nickname is BL1ND JUST1C3.At the moment i saw one kid playing league of legends i thought THIS GAME ROCKS,but my friends were making fun of me because they didn't like it.I started watching some champion spotlights,game plays and trailers as i always do before playing a game so i was blown away.I was first confused with the hole talents,runes stuff but then i started playing and it was a smart thing that any other games didn't have it.I'm playing LoL for a month and i even made my friends play.I always played all 10 free pick heroes and i must fall in love with one of them like every time.If i could say something to the world it would be League Of Legends FUCKING ROCKS :)

So my favorite champion is Twisted Fate The Card GOD(my remake :P).I love this guy so much i started learning card tricks because of him.I just love the Pick a card and Wild Cards.First time i played Twisted Fate i was on a GHOSTLIKE i had like 1-19-0.I was playing him AD,but i was on mid with another TF and he was playing AP so i was like laughing at him.He was owning me insane just doing Wild Cards then Blue card never losing mana i was so confused and i was saying to myself WHY CAN'T I DO THAT??? When i lost that game i could not wait to play the next game with AP and then BANG 15-1-10 i just can't forget that first score.Then i was playing again and again i just could not stop.Destiny oooo i can't tell how much i love destiny i made so many baron steals with that skill.But now it isn't global so i don't play twisted fate a lot.

I just want to say THANK YOU for making this page its freaking awesome.

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