I started playing League of Legends in December of 2010. It was my first time ever playing a DotA game in my life. It was a bit intimidating at first and I skipped the tutorial because I thought i was cool enough to learn by myself. Needless to say, I fed the other team hard. With trolls and smurfs, I quit for a while and came back after cooling down a bit. I endured through all the feeders and the trolls and the smurfing junglers who took all our buffs with a friend who i invited to play the game with. I enjoyed my time (after getting out of the lower levels) and went on to hit level 30, and starting ranked matches for the first time. I play it mainly because of the competitive aspect of the game. My attitude can get very competitive and i strive to win! Also, some skins look VERRRY interesting... ;)

My favorite (though by no means my best :/) champion would be the first champion i tried: Kennen. I greatly enjoy Kennen as a champion mostly because of the uniqueness of his style. There are plenty of champions that are copy-pasta's of others (such as jax/xin zhao: LOLOL CHARGE SPAM AUTO ATTACKS) but Kennen differs from other champions completely. His passive is one of the only passives the game that makes me feel I should pay attention to it. Appplying three mark of the storms and stunning champions is a satisfying feeling that is contested only with Jarvan's cataclysm. It is great to run into a fight and stun every enemy 2-3 times and run away. Plus, who doesnt love energy?