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    Vincet, the Void Forger

    November 11, 2012 by Vekkzthere


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  • Vekkzthere


    With me, Sivir has this annoying issue. Whenever she is autoattacking minions and kills one, usually she stops autoattacking even if the next minion is one step away from the autoattack's range.

    It's weird because I don't have this problem with Twisted Fate (just an example). He normally approaches the minion and starts to autoattack when it gets into the range. So, can anyone guess what is up with her?

    Sivir has only 25 less range than TF. I thought Sivir lacks a sort of "vision" range, maybe? And that "vision" range allows a champion to walk towards the next minion? I mean, since she usually don't autowalk towards a minion, her "vision" range is maybe broken, and has a value equal to her autoattack range.

    Well, I actually don…

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