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  • Veryverylongname

    I do unconventional plays on champions, and riot remove them without knowing it.

    First, they removed the super healing AP tank SKR.

    Then, I did "always poison in the field" support cass too, or the junling cass, not anymore due to the change in her passive. 

    Now Riot remove support vei.

    I also do AP Nasus utilizing on his ultra range E. Or, the extractor support Kalista. The AOE Hurricane Jinx. The "I dont need to hit you" rico Siv (yeah, they did remove rico Siv for some period of time).

    Its just not fun to me when there is only on way to play. I feel someone should speak up to let the Riot reconize this kind of play. Lets keep this post up; share your unconventional play styles.

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  • Veryverylongname

    I was just watching this stupid match perfrom by the so call professtional player, 3rd match of the 2013 Chamipionship match. The solo lane Kennen got owned by the ADC support. When he finally swap to botlane, Jax was 2 lvls ahead of him. Instant death when J4 come to tower dive Kennen.

    Anyways, I want to talk about how top solo laner derive, it happens when people got disconnected in S1, the solo player had to hold the tower by himself, by accident. Then it proved to people one player can fend off 2 players under tower. Therefore, people went off to go jungling in S2 and due to the dragon location, the solo laner gone top. All this being said, the idea of a top laner comes before jungler.

    The first definetion of a top laners is someone who …

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  • Veryverylongname

    Ok, I have never liked playing bot lane, due to the meta. But, sometimes I like to take bot lane support just to have fun.

    Reacently, I have realize why I dont like bot lane, other than I am a bad ADC myself, most ADCs wants to take the hot seat. If things gone bad, some common statements they make are: dont take my CS (this happens when I try to toss some AOEspell on champion), do something, where are my wards, you KSed. All ADCs assume they are the lead in the lane, they are the star. That is alright, what really went wrong is when all ADCs have different playing style for supports to work to, where all ADCs need to do were to collect CS, and cast all 3 spells to finish up someone.

    As for support, they had to do all the stuff, put wards, h…

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