I was just watching this stupid match perfrom by the so call professtional player, 3rd match of the 2013 Chamipionship match. The solo lane Kennen got owned by the ADC support. When he finally swap to botlane, Jax was 2 lvls ahead of him. Instant death when J4 come to tower dive Kennen.

Anyways, I want to talk about how top solo laner derive, it happens when people got disconnected in S1, the solo player had to hold the tower by himself, by accident. Then it proved to people one player can fend off 2 players under tower. Therefore, people went off to go jungling in S2 and due to the dragon location, the solo laner gone top. All this being said, the idea of a top laner comes before jungler.

The first definetion of a top laners is someone who can defend and push back 2 players, either a duo team or a solo/ junlger gank combo.

I am rather sick of top laners asking for gank and blaming jungler for failing his own role. YOUR JOB is to make enemy jungler perform fail gank and waste his time. YOUR JOB is NOT getting another support to hide in the jungle.