Ok, I have never liked playing bot lane, due to the meta. But, sometimes I like to take bot lane support just to have fun.

Reacently, I have realize why I dont like bot lane, other than I am a bad ADC myself, most ADCs wants to take the hot seat. If things gone bad, some common statements they make are: dont take my CS (this happens when I try to toss some AOEspell on champion), do something, where are my wards, you KSed. All ADCs assume they are the lead in the lane, they are the star. That is alright, what really went wrong is when all ADCs have different playing style for supports to work to, where all ADCs need to do were to collect CS, and cast all 3 spells to finish up someone.

As for support, they had to do all the stuff, put wards, harass, poke, help secure kills, keeping ADCs alive, AND keeping stupid ADCs alive.

What I am really trying to say, I really hate ADCs go up trying to "finish up" something who has "full hp - one hit". An ADC who cannot comprehend the difference between a harrasment and an initiation is just bad ADC. Nah, I am not trying to get to the conclusion, but to start a discussion. So, who should take the leading role in bot lane? The mother or the kid? Who should have only one play style to stick to?

Personally, I prefer old meta where the 2 work together instead of carry/support team, but hey, the sommoner code wins me the game....jajaja....