Hi, my nick is ih8nicknames ( i really do ). I play League of Legends because there are no overpowered heroes, its balanced, I love how are the heroes drawn, love the graphics, love the 5v5 actions, big fights, and recall :) it helps me a lot. I am playing Defence of the Ancient for 2 years and League of Legends for an almost a week. I can say that League of Legends its much better ( imo ). My favourite character is Shaco. When I am his summoner I feel like a ninja! IM SO EXITED! I am always waiting for a fight, come like a cat with my first spell ( which is blink and stealth ) , put some jack in the box so I could help my team and use ulti. Then I search for the most lowest hp guy and kill him first, then I go for the others. I like how I can control my illusion by pressing ALT button, I send the illusion to them and when they kill her she does big damage to them and that helps me a lot. I like how I can run away from fights with my first spell that helps me a lot too. Bad news are that all I need is one quick stun and I am dead. Sometimes I play him with ability power, sometimes attack power. But mostly attack power ( phantom dancer, infinity edge, bloodthister etc.etc) This is where I end this blog. Salute!