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  • VirusVirus

    Well, everyone knows, League of Legends is game with countless mechanics, and a great game in general, but a lot of old posts talk about to add more forms of crowd control, no for begin too small the pool, is for some champion fall in have almost the same CC, namely, , , and . A lot of champions have those and sometimes don't fits its theme (how and can stun you with fire? You should run as crazy instead), I know they need some of those CC form they combos, but they can make you and still working.

    In the other hand, there's a lot of CC with a few of uses, or even none (), some like are new and before was more like a buff with a drawback, but other have years ago and still only there's are a , 3 , 4 , one union of Root}}, one Silence}},…

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  • VirusVirus

    Neos, the Oracle's Light is a Custom Champion for the Constest of Concept Battle #1.

    spells reveals the true in his next spell. If Neos casts a spell on himself or an ally, it will gain True Sight for 4 seconds (cannot reveal enemy ward with it), if Neos casts one against an enemy, it reveals it.

    |description2 = Neos' spells deal more damage againist enemies are . }} | or }} }}

    Neos shields the target allied champion for up to 5 seconds. If the shield is not broken, it will heal the target with 50% of remainder shield.

    |description2 = Neos lock a seal to a enemy champion for 3 seconds, if the enemy attack 3 times in a row, it will . If it cast and spell, it will be . If they travel more than 600 distance, they will take magic damage. |leveli…

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  • VirusVirus

    Custom Champion Constest No.6 is a contest where you must create a champion with special challenge. For more about it you can visit this page.

    Freud is a custom champion for the 6th Custom Champion Contest

    Freud knows how annoying is wait to summon a champion back to the field, so the "help" the summoners, reducing the death time from all champions in both teams by |description2 = Freud may choice a 3rd summoner spell on his Q abilily, while the summoner spell is unable to use (in cooldown or choice ) he can use his basic ability. |description3 = Also, half of the cooldown reduction affect the summoner spell cooldown }} | }}
    Freud choices a summoner spell |description2 = Cast the Summoner Spell |leveling = |range = |cooldown = Summon…

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  • VirusVirus

     Agatha is custom champion for the custom champion contest or CCC number 4, you can read more here

    Each time Agatha cast a spell,will gain torment stacks (capped at 10 stacks), the follow spells will increased it mana cost by 10% and dealt 5% more damage for each torment stack. When Agatha gain 10 stacks, the next spell will consume it and gain an additional effect but will have the triple cooldown than the usual. |description2 = Agatha's blood poisons herself, leaving her with less health regen than most champion, but she gain health regen with the 5% damage deal with her poison (half against minions and monsters). }} | }}

    After 0.25 delay, Agatha fires a brightly ball of flaming poison, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits, and … Read more >
  • VirusVirus

    This a champion for the concept custom champion 3 or CCC3 (you can read more in this page)

    Each time Neville cast a spell, he gain a stack of light or darkness, depending of the actual cycle. When Neville has 7/6/5/4 light stacks and 7/6/5/4 dark stacks, his next spell will have both light and darkness effect. }} | }}

    Neville cast an prismatic seal, silences it target and deal magic damage to enemies near them (150 radius), and marking they with light |leveling = }} Seconds |cooldown = 10 sec |cost = 50/60/70/80/90 |costtype = Mana |range = 600 }} Neville fire a curse in the ground (200 radius), after a 0.5 sec delay, it damage with magic damage and slow enemies in the area, marking they with dark |leveling = }} Seconds |cooldown…

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