Well, everyone knows, League of Legends is game with countless mechanics, and a great game in general, but a lot of old posts talk about to add more forms of crowd control, no for begin too small the pool, is for some champion fall in have almost the same CC, namely, Stun icon Stun, Slow icon Slow, and Airborne icon Airborne. A lot of champions have those and sometimes don't fits its theme (how Annie Annie and Brand Brand can stun you with fire? You should run as crazy instead), I know they need some of those CC form they combos, but they can make you Fear icon Flee and still working.

In the other hand, there's a lot of CC with a few of uses, or even none (Disarm icon Disarm), some like Stasis icon Stasis are new and before Bard Bard was more like a buff with a drawback, but other have years ago and still only there's are a Charm icon Charm, 3 Taunt icon Taunts, 4 Suppression icon Suppressions, one union of Disarm iconRoot icon Disarm + Root, one Disarm iconSilence icon Disarm + Silence, and 2 Blind icon Blinds.

Now I ask, we should add more crowd controls?, or use more the others?

If you add one, them why? how its works, what diference its have from the others? how champions will have it?

I'll add some examples plus the ideas given here.

Freeze and Sleep
  • This is almost identical to Stun, but if the champion receive a lot of damage, if will gear off quickly.
  • In the case of Freeze, it need to deal 1/4 of the champion's health in a single instance to break it, for Sleep, a hit is enough to wake up, unless they make a nightmare champion theme for it.
  • Of course most Freljordians will put here, also with champion like Soraka Soraka, Bard Bard, Nami Nami, and maybe Zilean Zilean, with new abilities of with the current ones.
  • Fiora Fiora after parried a enemy will disarm for 0.5 - 2 seconds, and Jax Jax's Counter Strike.png Counter Strike will disarm enemies outside the stun area.
  • Between Suspension and Airborne: can't be remove like airbone, but can be reduced like a stun.
  • Cho'Gath Cho'Gath, Braum Braum and Viktor Viktor will have it.
  • Yes, Yasuo Yasuo can jump off.
Busy hands
  • Maybe the namely form of attack speed slow, but also, cast times and channels are affected (I want to see Karthus Karthus casting a 6 seconds Requiem.png Requiem)

Madness by PrimusMobileVzla
  • A taunt how made you attack its allies instead.
Paralyze by RoznosicielCiast (lagg mode?)
  • The champion can't control itself, but previous orders remains
  • At the start of paralyze, will be briefly stunned, them, are slowed
Stick by RoznosicielCiast
  • The Champion can't use dash or blink, but still can walk.
  • Up top impact, will stop dashes or blinks in midair.
Obstruct sight