• Vitios

    Yagdra, the Ash Worm

    April 2, 2013 by Vitios

    Yagdra, the Ash Worm is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    After a short delay, Yagdra launches a slow moving fireball that explodes once it reaches the end of it's range, dealing magic damage to enemies caught in the explosion. If this ability is reactivated, the fireball will detonate 1 second after the reactivation. For every enemy champion caught in the explosion, Yagdra will gain 10 fury.

    |leveling= 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220


    |cooldown=6 |cost=20 |range=1300 |costtype=Fury }}

    Yagdra breathes a cone of ash outwards. After the initial cast, the ash cloud will remain in the area for a short time. Enemy champions in the cloud are slowed, have their ally vision removed, and have reduced vision range. Enemies can only have the effects o…
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  • Vitios

    Miytas, the Skykeeper

    January 10, 2013 by Vitios

    This is a champion a friend of mine designed, from the icons to the name. I take no credit, and cannot answer any questions about it. The designer of this champion has yet to supply me with precise numbers for the abilities, unfortunately. All ability names and descriptions were copy-pasted directly from the original concept, so don't blame me for any errors.

    If you find something truley incomprehensible, I'll notify the designer and ask for clarification. Miytas, the Skykeeper is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Miytas releases a powerful wave of air in a wide cone, doing magic damage to and knocking back all enemies struck. Basic attacks lower the cooldown of this ability by 1 second. If Unrelenting Tempest strikes a target, the next …

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  • Vitios

    James Raynor, the Rebel

    January 9, 2013 by Vitios


    Numbers still need some work

    James Raynor, the Rebel is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Raynor readies his rifle. For the next 3 seconds, or until this ability is reactivated, the center of every enemy champion within range of this ability is highlighted in red. Upon the second activation of this ability or when 3 seconds has passed, Raynor will fire a Mk 12 Penetrator Round from his rifle, doing instant physical damage to enemies in it's path. If the round strikes the center of an enemy champion, they take double damage.

    |leveling= |cooldown=10 |cost= No cost |costtype= |range= 1000 }}

    Raynor and Tychus set up a defensive position, including a small defensive wall. While this ability is active, Tychus and Raynor may not move…
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  • Vitios

    Faeis, the Spellthief is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Faeis creates a barrier that blocks the next hostile spell within the next 2 seconds. If Faeis sucesfully blocks an enemy spell, the ability that was blocked is copied, and replaces Cantrip for 3 seconds. During this time, Faeis may cast the copied spell once, free of cost. If a spell is sucessfully copied, the cooldown of Cantrip is replaced by that of the copied spell. The copied spell receives any external effects and bonuses that the original receives.

    |leveling= |cooldown=10 / 9.5 / 8 / 7.5 / 7 |cost=70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 |costtype=Mana |range= }}

    Faeis drops a rune onto the ground. Runes last 2 minutes. If there is one or more runes within 650 units of this rune, it will …

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  • Vitios

    Vitios, the Greedling

    January 7, 2013 by Vitios

    Iincomplete: Suggestions for ability names are welcome.

    |armor = 10 (+3.5) |magicresist = 30 |attackspeed = 0.65 (+4%) |healthregen = 4.5 (+0.5) |ms = 335 }}

    Vitios, the Greedling is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Vitios gains attack damage equal to 5% of the gold in his Hoard, up to a cap of 30% of his total attack damage not including the amount gained from this ability.

    |description2 = Vitios does not receive gold from any source. Instead, Whenever Vitios is to receive gold, an amount equal to the amount of gold he would receive is added to his Hoard. Gold in Vitios' Hoard cannot be spent in the store. |cooldown = 1 }}

    Every time Vitios kills an enemy champion, he gains an amount of gold equal to 25% of the amount of …

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