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Anonymous, the Ub3r H4x0r

Vitios October 26, 2012 User blog:Vitios

Don't take this seriously. (How could you?)

Art Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 9001 (+1000) Attack damage 1337 (+100)
Health regen. 999 (+999) Attack speed Instant
No Resource   Armor Infinite
    Magic resist. Infinite
Attack range Global Mov. speed N/A

Master Troll
RANGE: Global
Brute Force mastery s2

Anonymous taunts all enemies, forcing them to attack him forever. All damage taken is negated and returned to the attacker.

RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: No cooldown

Anonymous instantly kills all enemies. This includes towers, champions, minions, wards, inhibitors, and traps.

Flame War
RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: No cooldown
Pillar of Flame

All enemy champions are now enemies of each other.

RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: No cooldown

Anonymous fills the screens of enemy players with heaps of meaningless text.

Internet Dominance
RANGE: Global
COOLDOWN: No cooldown

Anonymous crashes and then uninstalls League of Legends for all enemy players. Also installs keyloggers, sends infected emails to contacts, deletes Syetem 32, and causes computers to spontaneously combust.

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