Hi there fellas, VooDooFruit here to bring u some tips for the mid lane!

We've all played ranked games at the mid lane and got completely destroyed by some champ op as helll simply because we dont know what to do against them. Here are my top counterpicks to solve this problem!

(For mid players only, the blog is long!) 

Fizz: This little motherf*cker! We all carryed hard as him and got destroyed by him. He is very mobile and deals insane damage when he jumps us with his q and then runs with his e untouched! The best solution is... Diana! Why? Well diana has shield to easyly witstands his poke, and also outdamages him heavy in trades. Also she is very tanky and hard to kill, plus she can chase him well despite his slipperyness.

Zed: A farming monster with insane single target burst at lvl6. The best counter i can think off is kayle. Kayle can farm just as well, plus she can kite him and poke him hardcore. And the cherry of the cake is her ulti - it completely negates zes's ultymate and has much shorter cooldown.

Diana: I alreadi mentioned her srenghts being her shield, tankyness and huge melee damage. Counter numero uno is Swain. He can destroy her  with his e-q combo nd if she jumps him he can root her with his w, destroy her hp and heal her damage with his r.

Kha'zix: Mad poke, good sustain, gap closer and stealth. Oh and ability to 1-shot squishyes. Best counter is Ryze. He can outpoke him, kite him with his snare, and later on to chase and crush him. Ryze deals unsane damage if u are in his range. And khazix is melee hue hue hue. Also Ryze gets very tank later on and can ignore Kha's damage.

AP Master Yi: Infinite  sustain, great poke, and annoying as f*ck. Best counters are ryze(explayned why) and Fizz. Fizz can use his e to dodge alpha strike and his w to desroy yi's healing.U just gotta aim carefully with ulty, alpha strike can dodge it.

I hope u find the tips usefill, if this topik has enough interest ii will make part 2 of ranked mid counterpicks.