• Vynellin

    Veldrin lets out a wave of fire that travels in a line, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit effects ult and e.

    leveling= AP)}} Scaleing= cooldown= 5 at all levels}} }}

    Veldrin Charges in a line dealing damage and slowing by 25% if hit a enemy that is burning and not hit before (he can hit the same guy more than once as long as he hits someone new as well) he can dash again and the one thats burning will get slowed by 50% leveling= AP)}} Cooldown= 15 at all levels }}

    Veldrin uses his anger giving him extra damage armor and mr but afterwards he dose less damage and the rage bar will not move at all. The stats that are buffed is 1% for each 5% of rage. cooldown=20|18|16|14|12 }}

    Veldrin roars and slows all enemy's near by if they are burning …
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