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  • Vyraaj


    |disp_name=Kriss |title= the Non-Conformist |gender=Male |race=Human |birthplace=Unknown |residence=Shurima |occupation=Highwayman |faction=Unknown |rivals=Azir, }}

    A very long time ago, a time since forgotten in Runeterra's history, Kriss was a young boy born in the slums, from an alcoolic father and a prostitute. Abandonned by his parents, he did what he could to survive, stealing, always on the run. One day, as he was eating what he had been able to save from the last market he stole from, he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned, he was facing a guard of the city. The guard asked him to follow him. For an answer, Kriss kicked him in the stomach, tripped him up and he said «Not gonna happen, sorry» as …

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  • Vyraaj

    Kriss, The Non-Conformist

    September 13, 2014 by Vyraaj
    </center>Kriss, the Non-Conformist is a champion in League of Legends.

    -650 Mana : 10% Bonus Critical Damage

    -900 Mana : 25 Bonus Movement Speed

    -1300 Mana : 35 Bonus Range

    -2000 Mana : When Kriss kills an enemy champion, he gains 90% (capped at 90%) cooldown reduction for 2 seconds. On assists, he only gains 50% (still capped at 90% though)}}

    Kriss slips between his ennemy's' legs and jump kick him in the back, pushing him for 150 units and stunning him for 0,5 seconds, then lands 200 units further. The ennemy also takes physical damage.

    |leveling = |cooldown = seconds |range = 150 }} | }}

    }} |cooldown = seconds |range = 350 }} | }}


    |cooldown = seconds |range = 150 }} | }}


    |cooldown = seconds |range = 350 …

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  • Vyraaj


    |disp_name=Seleos Vellion

    |title= the Piltover's Craftsman





    |occupation=Renown Craftsman

    |friends=Jayce, Ezreal, Caitlyn,




    Once a famous inventor in Piltover, Seleos found an abandonned child in the streets. He so decided to raise him as his son and disciple and named him after his own dead father, Jayce. The young boy was showing a huge interest in the work of his master and was always trying his best to impress him. Even though Seleos was quite confident he would remain the master, as Jayce would remain the student, he started to have doubts when Jayce brought an arcane crystal in his workshop. He knew troubles would com…

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  • Vyraaj
    </center>Seleos, the Piltover's Craftsman is a champion in League of Legends.

    ) magic damage and 12 (+1 per level of the champion) % of that amount in the next 2 seconds. Upgrade : Unique Passive : 60 Ability Power.

    Cooldown : 9 seconds

    -Steel Veil

    Shields the targeted allied champion for 50 damage. The shield lasts for 4 seconds. While the shield is active, 5  % of the damage taken by the shield are redirected to the attacker. Upgrade : Unique Passive : If you don't take health damage for 35 seconds, passively generate a non-limited duration shield equivalent to the one from the active.

    Cooldown : 12 seconds

    -Stun Mine

    Put a stealth trap with no visible frame at the set up. The trap, if revealed, can be killed in one hit and …

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