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Kriss, The Non-Conformist (Lore)

Vyraaj September 13, 2014 User blog:Vyraaj


A very long time ago, a time since forgotten in Runeterra's history, Kriss was a young boy born in the slums, from an alcoolic father and a prostitute. Abandonned by his parents, he did what he could to survive, stealing, always on the run. One day, as he was eating what he had been able to save from the last market he stole from, he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned, he was facing a guard of the city. The guard asked him to follow him. For an answer, Kriss kicked him in the stomach, tripped him up and he said «Not gonna happen, sorry» as he runned away and left the city. He was never to be seen again in his hometown ever since.

He went to Shurima, wich by this time was a prosperous region governed by the emperor Azir, where he might be able to find his place. But there was no way he could go against his nature for long. He befriended some bandits there, who were attacking imperial caravans. What he heard there about Azir was completely different of what he heard back home. He was considered a tyrant by his people and he was always wanting to wage war against everyone. Depleased by how Azir was acting, Kriss went to see him, crushing to dust every sand soldier that stood in his way. When he arrived in front of Azir he told him to keep calm on how he treated everyone, and to stop trying to go at war with everyone. But Azir laughed at him. As he raised his hand, he told to Kriss « You're quite foolish trying to stand in my way, now peace out ! ». And as he said that a giant hole opened in the ground underneath Kriss. Trapped for eternity, Kriss was forgotten by history, but some tales remain, saying that when Azir will come back, then so would Kriss. And the final battle for Shurima's sake would begin for real.