So apparently Riot is introducing a Tribunal System to deal with all the reports players send at the ends of games. It will work kind of like player GMs worked waaaaaaay back in Everquest. Players will be able to sign up to be Tribunal members as long as they're Summoner Level 30. Then you just have an interface to review randomly-selected reports. You get to see who reported and why and you also get to see the chat log from the game. Then you can either skip the case, vote to pardon, or vote to punish. Many tribunal members will all review the same case with the decision to pardon/punish being based on the majority. Even better, the tribunal members will be awarded IP for cases in which they were a part of the majority, so there is incentive to "doing it right".

It actually sounds like a really cool system. It's been done in other games (like the aforementioned Everquest) and works great. After all, it's the players themselves who know what it's really like to play in these games and they're the ones that really want something done about it, so now they can contribute (and get IP for their efforts). Also, there's plenty of players so it should be easy to get enough people working on it to stay caught up on the reports and also to have enough people review each case as to keep it honest.

I first read about the system at Kotaku. They even have some screenshots of the interface.

Vyrolan 20:04, January 14, 2011 (UTC)