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  • WAFnuke

    I'm fed up.

    October 21, 2015 by WAFnuke

    Yep. as i said. I'm fed up.

    Fed up with this game. And no, i'm not that raging eastern-european keyboard shouter that had a feeding Akali in his team, or something like that. Just....I have some things i really need to shout out to the world.

    I have been playing this game since January 2013. Not too much, eh? Damn, my hair was still short back then.

    So, yeah. I kept getting better and better, getting hyped up when a teaser of a new champion came up, checking surrender@20 every single morning, and getting EVEN MORE HYPED when a new champion or skin popped up on the site. I changed main champions, bought skins, had some memories in that internet cafe after the school with classmates. But some time after 2014, i started to feel indifferent, some…

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  • WAFnuke

    What is Lumone?

    Lumone is a Ranged AP based assasin,which can actually have autoattack damage as a ADC, but can be a Anti-Carry too.Also, he can be a good harasser in-lane, and his spells allow him to Kite INSANELY.LIKE INSANELY. But stil, he is kind of mana hungry early ingame.

    He can be played Mid or Top.

    Lumone, The Gunning Elementalist

    Passive: Accurate Double Tap

    Every 10 seconds, Lumone shoots from both of his guns, making his next 3 basic attacks gain 200 range and deal bonus 15 ( +2X Level) (+ 10%AP) Magic Damage. The cooldown is unaffected by Cooldown Reduction.

    Q: Blaze' Em    Range:540   Cost: 80 mana  Cooldown: 7

    Passive: Lumone's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage.

    Active: Lumone unleashes a fireblast from his fire gun, dealing mag…

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  • WAFnuke

    What is Razzick?

    Razzick is an AP Mid. His spells allow him that, if build correctly, he can be the god of controlling teamfights, which can even make him a CC support. And a price for that is not being able to cast spells too much at earlier stages of the game.

    No templates for Haters.

    Razzick,The Electrosoul


    Passive: Intensity of Electroenergy

    Razzick's Cooldown Reduction is doubled,and his cooldown reduction cap is increased to 50%.

    Also,His mana costs are lowered for the percentage of his Cooldown Reduction,lowered by 20%.

    Q: Electromagnetic Force Reverser 

    Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10

    Cost: 60 mana

    Cast Range: 710

    Razzick marks a target 525-Radius area with electromagnetic force ,which detonates after 0,5 seconds,dealing,magic dam…

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  • WAFnuke

    Nax,The Iron Maiden

    May 19, 2014 by WAFnuke

    Quick Facts:

    Nax is a Demacian.

    Nax is a blonde armored girl.

    Nax is a close friend of Jarvan IV.

    Nax has a personality like the new,bitchy,Sivir.

    Nax,The Iron Maiden


    Passive:Crippling Steel

    Nax's basic attacks slow enemies by 5% for 3 seconds,stacking up to 6 times.Nax ignores 10% of an enemy's armor if he/she has more than 3 stacks.Consecutive stacks refresh the duration of the slow.

    Q:Stifling Kick

    Cost:20 mana Cooldown:7 seconds per charge

    Nax's next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to a percentage of her Attack Damage.This spell has 2 charges,with a 1 second cooldown between charges.

    Physical damage:120/130/140/150/160% AD

    W:Aegis Chestplate

    Cost:2 stacks of Aegis Chestplate Cooldown:24/22/20/18/16

    Passive:Taking Damag…

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  • WAFnuke

    Yes,you saw that right.Nashor's for an AP mid.And you know why? The Recently added passive.

    If you MAY,Just may not know,now you deal extra magic damage with your autoattacks equal to 15 percent of your Ability Power plus 15 magic damage.Nice,eh?

    I don't say it's good for almost every AP Mid,But below you can see some Champs that can go well with it.

    Orianna:With her passive,Nashor's Tooth,and the Mastery Arcane Blade,She deals 35% of Her AP into autoattack damage.MINIMUM.

    I dont know for you,but every time i play that lil'robotic girl and when i plan to kill an enemy and use my full combo,i still leave them with 20% of their max health.Now,What should i do?Well,i have my Nashor's tooth and only autoattacks left in my toolbox.Well,with good AS…

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