Aaaaaand hi again.It's me,WAFnuk3,and today i make a concept of my friend as a champion in League of Legends.Hope you like it.Btw,he is connected to my another concept,Mixa (žare's brother in RL),checking it out would be greatly appreciated.

Žare,The Freezing Tormentor


Passive:Summon Frost Morph

After scoring a kill or assist,Žare creates a Frost Morph next to him. Frost Morphs deal can move and deal damage to Žare's enemies.Each Frost Morph lasts for 15 seconds.He can have a maximum of 5 Frost Morphs at a time.If somehow Žare summons a 6th one,the Frost Morph with least health dies.Frost Morphs always Priortize champions that are visible and which are within 3000 Range of Žare and themselves.Frost Mophs ignore collision with Frostguard Colloseum.Žare shares his Lifesteal with Frost Morphs.

Range:150 (Melee)

Attack Damage:40 (+50%AP) Health:400 (+100%AP) Armor:70(+20%AP) Magic Resist:70(+20%AP) Movement Speed:370 Attack Speed:1,22 Health Regeneration:4(+1,5%AP)

Q: Ice Quake Range:900 Cooldown:14/12/10/8/6/ Cost:60 mana

Žare creates a quake of Icebergs,dealing magic damage to all enemies in a line and slowing them for 35%.

Magic damage:90/120/150/180/210 (+60%AP) Slow duration:1.2s

W: Frostguard Colloseum range:600 Cooldown:20 cost:70 mana

Žare summons a 350-wide range impassabe terrain circle made out of 4 icebergs tied together around an enemy champion,which enemy champions can't escape from and can't enter it,until the duration of the spell is ended..Icebergs are placed at the every farest dot on the circle,and can be destroyed.Each Iceberg has 600 health and doesn't have armor or Magic Resist.Icebergs are Immune to spells and can be destroyed only by autoattacks.Every enemy Champion that hits any Iceberg has it's attack speed slowed by 40%.Žare's allies ignore collision of the circle,as well as him.

Duration of the circle:2s/2,5s/3s/3,5s/4s/

E: Chilling Curse Cooldown:13/12/11/10/9 cost:100 mana Range:490

Žare curses an enemy champion by freezing him deadly,slowing them.After 3 seconds,the cursed Champion takes magic damage and the slow expires.The slow grows for a percentage every second.

Magic damage:70/140/210/280/350 (+50%AP)

Slow :15 then 30 then 40%/20 then 40 then 60%/25 then 50 then 75%/30 then 60 then 85%/

Ultimate:Ending of all suffers Cooldown:160/140/120 Range:3000 cost:150 mana

After channeling for 0.7 seconds,Žare sends out an enourmous ice shard that damages the first champion that it hits,dealing true damage equal to a percentage of the target's missing health.

Projectile speed:1300

True damage:35%/38%/41%/(+3% per 100 AP)of target's missing health

Suggestions and constructive criticism is accepted.


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