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Fans of LoL giving Inspirations for Riot?

WAFnuke October 7, 2013 User blog:WAFnuke

So,hi. It's me, WAFnuke.

And no,this time i don't do concepts with no templates.Let's get straight to what i want to talk about.

I wanted to talk about guys which are players of LoL to participate in making Champions or Skins which are an idea of the player. There are a lot of ideas for new skins for almost every Champion, from almost every non-13-year old uncreative LoL player, all over the LoL community, which some are really good, like:

Firedancer Draven (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=545370) (i think this is the inspiration for Gladiator Draven)

Pulsefire Jarvan,Which is also a custom skin video.

Battlecast Volibear (when i saw it,i was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT) video.

Voidborn Fizz picture.

And many other skin inspirations/custom skins that are out there,and believe me,much of them are better than Riot's ones....

Let's take a look at Mattcom. He made custom skin splashes for different champs, which some are put into LoL (Pool Party Ziggs and AstroNautilus, and possibly Pool Party Leona, he made a Beach Babe Leona before that skin came out).

So, my question is:

How do you think Players will Influence Riot's Skin making? And what do you think about it? 


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