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Hydall,The nature Remmnant

WAFnuke December 16, 2013 User blog:WAFnuke

Hydall,The Nature Remmnant
Primrary:Tank Secondary:Mage
Passive:Stone Spirit
Whenever Hydall  scores a kill,he gains permament 40 maximum health.The current health percentage stays the same.
Hydall Turns himself into a rolling stone,dashing in a front line and damaging the first enemy hit and enemies wihin 400 range of the enemy hit.The enemy is stunned for a short duration and takes magic damage. Enemies around the stunned enemy are slowed by 40%,
Cost:70 mana
Stun:0.5/o.7/1/1.2/1.4 seconds
Magic damage:120/140/160/180/200  (+70%AP)
W:Tower of Spirits
Hydall turns himself into the Tower Of Spirits,gaining Massive attack damage,flat armor penetration,Autoattack range,but  being unable to move or cast spells for 8 seconds.While this spell is active,Hydall can reactivate the abillity to switch to his normal form and gain movement speed bonus for a small duration.Also,he gains damage reduction.
Bonus Attack Damage:70/100/130/160/190/ (+ 30%AP)
Armor Penetration percentage:14/15/16/17/18%
Bonus autoattack range:600 (from 125)
Damage Reduction:30/40/50/60/70%
Cost:120 mana
Bonus movement speed:70
E:Nature's Punish
Hydall's Fists grow,and he deals additional magic damage to his enemies with his autoattacks while the duration of the spell is active.
Bonus Magic damage:20/30/40/50/60 (+2% Maximum health)
Cost:40 mana
R:Judgement of Nature
Hydall traps a nearby enemy in a stone,stunning them and dealing massive damage to them.
Stun duration:1.4s/1.5s/1.7 s

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