Hi guys.My last concept didn't go on so well (Viola,The Essence Wielder),so i decided that my next concept won't have the templates,because i failed with the design.

Btw,there is a big chance this concept will be uptated,so stay tuned! :D :)

Locke,The Demacian Gunslinger




Passive: Reload

When Locke makes 5 autoattacks,he gets a buff that gives him 25% attack speed for 8 seconds.The autoattack counter resets when the duration of the buff ends.

Q:Accurate Spray

Locke starts shooting from his pistols,unleashing 3 swift strikes in a line (3 AA's dealing damage in a line).This is a channeling spell,so Locke doesn't move while shooting.

Physical Damage:120%/130%/140&/150%/160& AD  Range:620 cost:50 mana Cooldown:9/8/7/6/5/


Locke duels with his targeted enemy,Taunting them for 0.75 seconds and dealing bonus Physical and Magic damage to them.

Bonus damage:50/70/100/120/130/ (+85%AD) (+ 90% AP) cost:60 mana Cooldown:14 Range:550

E:Double Tap

The next attack Locke makes will be a double tap,striking for double damage and applying on-hit effects.

cost:60 mana cooldown:5

Ultimate:Focused Fire

Locke starts shooting his pistols at a single target,Dealing physical  damage to them with each shot.While shooting,he cant land autoattacks or any spells.If the enemy champion gets in the fog of war or blinks over terrain,The target stops getting any damage.

Cost:120 mana  cooldown:100/90/80 Number of shots: 3/4/5 (+1 per 100 AD) Physical damage per shot: 100/120/140 (+60%AD) Range:1300

Please note that this is my first REAL concept,so don't be harsh,also i'm not too much in the League maths.

Possible upcoming changes:


-Description of his look