Hello again,WAFnuke here,and i need some help now.

As you may guessed,i need some help around a concept that needs ideas that my brain got blocked from (Don't ask me why).

If you will to help and give me some ideas,say them in the comments ,i will be ENOURMOUSLY Thankful for making a peek and clicking on this blog post and saying 'oh,look at this noobish guy,i will help him'


Cristoph is a 12-Year old psychotic boy who has been cursed with a will to kill lore won't be published soon,if you have will,you can help making and if you HAVE will you are the best person on the world.He has a knife in his left hand,and a yellow jacket with his hood on .His left hand is actually a pirate hook don't like that idea too much,may change it His face is not seeable, it's just pitch black I'm not racist here with only one eye being able to see and some hair covering his left eye(Like Veigar's face but make it a lot more dangerous) If somehow helps,he is 10 cm higher that Amumu and Annie.


Cristoph is an AD Top who is  a little bit tankier than Bruisers,making his standard bulid be 2 defensive items and some standard Bruiser items.He should be a guy who can turn temafights in his favor,while not being squishy and dealing not so much damage to Tanks.Would be very nice from you guys to have a nice idea for a different spell for example Force of Will or Death Ray,and not to be a  OH LOOK AT DIS SKILLSHOTZZ N STEROIDZZ OHLOLOLOL IM CREATIVE LOLOLOLOL creative guy.But still,i will be very thankful for every suggestion.

If you help,you will be mentioned in the concept.Thanks all!!!!!