Hi,WAFnuke here.

So,i think that 80 percent of all League of Legends players just can't comment a new thing riot releases without some kind of a stupid hate (and by that i mean buffs,nerfs,reworks and other) and the same thing goes to the new champ,Yasuo,and i just can't wait for him.

Every time i ask a friend of mine *Did you check out Yasuo*? They just say *Pff he's just another Xin Zhao*,and the only thing they see is his hairstyle.HAIRSTYLE?!IS THAT ALL THAT MATTERS HERE?THE HAIRSTYLE?!

Okay,i may start to over-react a little,but i just despise people that just can't describe well and have a small fond of words.Lets take this for a stupid example:If you would show Syndra to your not-so intelligent friend,And tell him to describe her i can gurantee he will say *She has big tits* And that would be the only thing he will see.if you are different you would say *i like her figure,and the dark.theme fits her well*.

So,that stays for Yasuo.they just see the hairstyle,and they say *He has the same hair,he's Xin Zhao no.2*.

Well,If you look closely,he is a Samurai,and that hair is typical for one:And Xin is Definetly not a samurai.

Yasuo has a long Katana,Xin zhao has a very MMORPG-ish looking spear,one more difference.

Yasuo has that *I'm an evil guy and you know it just by looking at me* face with scars,and Xin doesn't have it.

Yasuo would maybe have a different style of walking *Like a bawse because i'm cool* and Xin  is something like *CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE*

So,before you start commenting,look a little deeper. I just nneded to post this.Thanks for your time,WAFnuke.