Hi guys.This is my fouth concept,and i may fail in the scalings,(gamebreaking damage etc.)so tell me,i will fix it!

Shiro,The Masked Vengeance


Passive:Art of stealth

While in the brush,Shiro gains 25 Attack damage and 40 Ability power.The buff will still be on Shiro by leaving the bush for 2 seconds.

Q:Mark of the Blade Cooldown:6 Range:670

Shiro tosses his blade a target enemy,dealing magic damage and applying a mark to them for 4 seconds.If Shiro damages the marked enemy with a spell,Shiro deals bonus magic damage.

Bonus Magic Damage:40/50/60/70/80(+50%AP) Magic Damage:20/30/40/50/60

W:Blue Smoke Cooldown:12/11/10/9/8/7 Range:500

Shiro creates a circle with blue smoke,in which he is invisible while he stays in it.His next attack while he is in the smoke(or 0.75 seconds after he leaves the circle)that strikes a enemy within a special range,will leap on the target,dealing magic damage and silencing them for 1 second.Additionally,he gains 40% movement speed while in it and 1 second after leaving it.

Magic Damage:70/80/90/100/110 (+100%AP) AoE of the smoke:400

E:Nunjutsu Flash Steps Cooldown:7 Range:840

Shiro blinks to a target enemy,dealing magic damage to them and to nearby enemies within 325 range around the target enemy.Enemies that take damage around the target enemy take 15% less damage.

Magic Damage:50/60/70/80/90 (+110%AP)

Ultimate:Circle of Shi cooldown:80/70/60 AoE:900

Shiro creates a circle around him,reducing Armor and Magic Resist that are in the circle,Additionally,he gains 10% Movement speed for every enemy champion that is in the circle.

Armor/Magic Resist Reduction:20/30/35 (+ 4% AP)


Shiro is the first assasin who have resisted the dark ways of the ninja,continuing his way as an exiled assasin.Once,he was a high-ranked dark blade wielder with immense speed,being one of the best ninjas in the Shadow Clan of Ionia,Owned by Zed,The Master of Shadows.But then,the day that Zed wanted to unleash the power to his students,he felt he made a mistake,and how he should have refused the shadow.Deep inside him,he felt loyality to the Kinkou clan of Ionia,no matter how much he loved to kill the enemies of his clan.The day he unleashed the power,his Teacher was overwhelmed with anger.Trying to stop him,Shiro dueled Zed,ending up with a draw.Knowing Shiro does not want any pain and misery,he blinked away.After all this,He joined the Kinkou clan,wanting just two things:to live in peace,and to destroy his Nemesis,Zed.