'Sup.This is my fifth concept ( i stop counting from now :p). And please,don't talk about no templates,i will do concepts with them in the future.No,i don't know how to recategorize this out of blog posts

Shoanna,The Darkness's Grasp


Passive:Shatterer of Souls

Her basic attacks against enemy champions give a debuff of Shattered Soul (max 2 stacks).When Shoanna damages an enemy with 2 stacks of Shattered Soul with a spell,they will get rooted for 1 second.

Q:Suffocating Shackles Cooldown:10/9/8/7/6 cost:70 mana

Shoanna makes a link beetween 1 or 2 nearest enemy champions within 700 range of Shoanna and herself,dealing magic damage to them.After 1.5 seconds (if the tether is not broken),They will take magic damage and be slowed for 2 seconds.This breaks the tether

Magic damage at casting:30/40/50/60/70/(+20%AP)       Magic damage after breaking the tether:80/90/100/110/120(+80%AP)         Max length of a tether:670

W:Pitch Black Cooldown:10 Range:600 cost:60 mana

Shoanna Immobilizes a target enemy. If the target enemy has 2 stacks of Shattered Soul,then the duration is combined.


E:Blackened Pain cost:70 mana Cooldown:8 Range:600

Shoanna sends out a skillshot that damages the first enemy it hits,dealing magic damage.If Blackened Pain hits an enemy,Shoanna can cast the spell a second time for free. Magic damage: 70/80/90/100/110 (+105%AP) Projectile speed:1300

Ultimate:Siphon of the Dark cost:100 mana Cooldown:120/110/100

Shoanna starts to channel,making a tether to the 3 or less nearest enemies within 900 range of her,dealing magic damage to them per second,and healing her for 50% of the total damage damage dealt to them each second,and slowing them for 40%.Additionally,Shoanna reduces incoming damage while channeling.The damage reduction is halved against turrets.

Magic damage per second (for 1 enemy: 10/20/30/40/50 (120%AP) Damage reduction:45%50%/60%/70% Duration of the channeling:4s

If i failed with the scaling (gamebreaking damage etc.) just tell me,i will fix that :D