As we all know, there are a handful of champions that can play well in multiple lanes/roles. It'd be nice to be able to take advantage of this, especially in a draft pick scenario, yet rarely do we see people change roles once they've chosen their champion.

Case in point, there are a few champion combos that can allow you to take advantage of this. The one that comes to mind for me is GalioSquare Galio/Lee SinSquare Lee Sin. Picking GalioSquare Galio early in draft is asking for a PantheonSquare Pantheon, TalonSquare Talon, or other AD mid on the enemy team, but what a lot of people don't count on is Galio going jungle. Picking Lee SinSquare Lee Sin (who should be able to mid quite well against anyone Galio wouldn't outright destroy, particularly talon) would allow the two to switch roles flexibly before the game starts, allowing you to catch your opponents off guard while baiting out a champ you can easily counter. The key advantage is that you can pick GalioSquare Galio and Lee SinSquare Lee Sin first with little to no chance of being accurately countered, and you'd be giving a lot less information to the enemy team than with other picks, yet giving them the illusion that they'd been given more information.

tl;dr: Galio and Lee Sin can trade mid/jungle and bait out each other's counters. This can be useful.

Any thoughts, including ideas for other "tag teams"?