So I've been noting something that's really hurt my ability to play LoL. I tank. Believe it or not, this is a bad thing. I tank 9/10 games because no one else ever does. This in itself isn't so bad; I enjoy tanking and BECAUSE I always have to play tanks it's probably what I'm best at now. The issue, however, is that I now can't play anything else. Now when there IS a tank on my team, I'll typically just go play support (which I may actually be better at; it's not that difficult of a class most of the time, and even gets more appreciation), but I can't always do that. Either my team already has FAR too much of one type of damage or they already have a support, forcing me to play a carry, mage, or offtank. While a part of me is excited to get in on the damaging classes, the other part of me knows I'll never be able to manage, because of the other 90% of people that never play tanks and forced me to do so. Unfortunately, the second part of me is usually right, and I usually end up WAY behind and feeding the other team.

Does anyone have a cure?