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"Someday I'll get the Mothership working again; then we all can go see the world from above!" - Kiro, pointing excitedly at the sky

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 400 Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 7 Attack speed 0.875 (+0.005)
Mana 250 (+50) Armor 10 (+3)
Mana regen. 10 Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 550 Mov. speed N/A

Kiro, the Wind-UP Wizard is a custom champion for League of Legends that resides in the Looking Glass.


Patch 2.03
(Innate): Everytime Kiro casts an ability the ability he previously casted will be reduced it's cooldown by 1 second.

Ability Description Leveling up
W-UP: Nez-mi
(Active): Kiro sends down a hextech toy down a track. This hextech toy automatically searches for any targets in the vicinity. Explodes upon contact, damaging enemies in an AoE. If Nez-mi does not collide in a second, it dies out and disappears without exploding.

(LV1 Toymaker Wonder): Ignition Boost: Nez-mi gains a burst of speed (0.5s) upon launch.

(LV2 Toymaker Wonder): Hexplosive Update: Nez-mi's AoE and magic damage is increased.

(LV3 Toymaker Wonder): Finishing Touch: Nez-mi

Cooldown: 5.25 / 4.25 / 3.25 / 2.25 / 1.25 seconds

W-UP: Skyblazer
(Active): Kiro winds his trusty skyblazer/s to an air mission. Stranding a line for AoE magic damage.

(LV1 Toymaker Wonder): +1 Skyblazer: Skyblazer now sends down 2 airplanes instead of 1. (Deals 2 ticks upon firing)

(LV2 Toymaker Wonder): Air Strike: Skyblazers are now also armed with Hextech missiles, dealing magic damage upon impact on top of the initial gatling fire. (There is a very small gap between Skyblazer firing down on the ground and them dropping Hextech missiles on the line of fire, i.e. you can evade the missiles if you're doing it right).

(LV3 Toymaker Wonder): +1 Skyblazer: Skyblazer now sends down 3 airplanes instead of 2. (Now deals 3 ticks of damage upon firing)

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W-UP: Knight
(Active): Kiro hops onto a friendly champion and winds his key on them, giving them a shield for 4 seconds. Pressing this on an allied champion also configures Kiro to follow the champion after the dash. Also usable on self.

(LV1 Toymaker Wonder): Haste!: Kiro also hastes the target champion.

(LV2 Toymaker Wonder):

(LV3 Toymaker Wonder): Spare Shield: Knight now also shields Kiro for the same amount.

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Toymaker Wonder
(Passive): Kiro's abilities are enchanced.


Upon Selection
  • "Wind-UP Wizard, at the ready!"
  • "I'm never gonna get used to this.."
  • "We'll get there, we'll get there.."

Change LogEdit

29th May 2012
  • Replaced W:UP with W-UP: Knight (back into Knight!)
  • Replaced Ultimate.
  • Replaced Innate.
28th March 2012
  • Removed W-UP Knight, replaced with W:UP Bubble Spray
  • Changed W-UP H.B.C. to W-UP: Relay Cannon
  • Added passive to W-UP: Relay Cannon

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