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"With a frown he wandered while approaching the royal palace. The Kingslayer he was framed by two, and so the role he played. Raised his blade at Jarvan III, "That is my throne", so he proclaimed." -

Zyggur, the Kingslayer; Melee, Carry

Certainly a foe not to be trifled with, Zyggur possesses magnificent load of damage potentials, while still sustaining survivability through customizable utility, making him a deadly foe in a big clash, and ever more so in an equal duel. His theme hereby dubbed "Alloyed Fury" -now-, don't be fooled! He still crafts through Mana Points!; His toolkit consists of:

  • Omni Orient (Innate) - Zyggur gains stacks of "OO-Parts" upon kills, assists, and over the period of time. These stacks can be used at the Shop then to tinker with Zyggur's weapon effects. Upon death all stacks of OO-Parts are lost. (But upgrades are permanent)
  • Hunting Strike - Zyggur's next attack deals increased physical damage to one target. Resets auto-attack timer. Hastes Zyggur for the duration or until an enemy is struck.
  • Zodiac - Zyggur expands his sword, turning it into a form of a kite shield, granting him a shield that lasts for as long until he turns this ability off. This ability goes on cooldown right after it's activation (similar to Riven's Q)
  • Omni Zeal - Zyggur's next attack deals bonus magic damage (default). This ability's effects are tinkered with each bonus effects that is applied to Omni Orient.
  • Crownbreaker - Zyggur slices the area in front of him 3 times, each strike slowing enemies hit, leaving a crown-shaped scar on the ground in the 3rd hit. Each hit are dealt individually.