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  • Walter5ck

    Soro, the Man of Steel is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    The hero will save the people in need, Soro trusted this when he was small. When he was being bullied, he waited for the hero to save him, but hero didn't come; when his village was being attacked by Noxus army, he waited for the Demacia hero to save him, but only his sister and he were saved, his parents and most of the villagers were killed. When his sister was caught by a Zaun crazy scientist, he tried to fight with him but he lost, and still no hero came to help him.

    Soro was disappointed, and he heard the story of the queen of the haunted ground. He jumped into the haunted ground, and he faced the phantom created by Gae Bolg. In the phantom, he found that all …

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  • Walter5ck

    Scathach, The Queen of the Haunted Ground is a champion in League of Legends.
    Background Story:

    In the underground of Ironspike Mountains, there is a lady sleeping on the throne of a ruined city.

    Scathach was the queen of the city in a very long time ago, she was invincible and omniscient, all the people around the world knew her and her city. Besides being a great king, she is also a great hero and master, she had killed the god who try to harm Valoran, and also taught many legendary heros in the ancient time.

    However, as the human being that could kill the god, she was cursed by the ancient powerful beings, that she would be everlasting alone. All the people around her will become unfortunate, including her citizens and pupils. Also she becam…

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  • Walter5ck

    Rena, the Wind Walker

    December 18, 2013 by Walter5ck

    Rena, the Wind Walker is a champion in League of Legends. Elf, was an big race in Valoran in the past, they had high connection with the nature, what they liked were peaceful and freedom. But because of the continuous wars and the abuse of magic power, the nature was badly affected, and the elf started to leave Valoran. Rena, a elf, woke up in idyllic forest one day, but she lost most of her memories. She only remember that idyllic forest was a green and beautiful forest in the past, but now it was seriously polluted. She sorrowed about that, and she wanted to save the nature because of her instinct. She started to contact the sources of pollutants, the human.

    And summoners were also curious about her, but they could not catch her, becau…

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