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  • Wandering Stranger

    Hey guys, Wandering Stranger here with another thought of mine to share with you all....this one concerning Riot's recent videos that have been put out...

    As possibly everyone has seen, Riot released "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons as the anthem (for lack of a better term) for Worlds 2014. If you haven't, here you go...

    On top of that, they made a pretty cool Shurima event. While they retconned many lores (particularly brutal retconning at that), the way they told Sivir's, Cassiopeia's, Nasus's, Renekton's, Xerath's and Azir's lores through the two part videos was pretty cool. The ACTUAL lore itself may be up for debate (Old guard like me who liked god-like beings from another dimension vs new kids on the block who like them as a direct expy o…

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  • Wandering Stranger

    Hey guys, this is WanderingStranger, here with my first blog post... now, an idea I've been having for a while is on the Fury mechanic.

    Currently, there are only 3 champions who use Fury: ,, and . While each of them use Fury, their mechanics lie in trying to gain as much Fury as fast as possible, after which they use it differently. Trynd uses it for more powerful attacks and regaining health, Renek uses it to empower his abilities, and Shyvana NEEDS it to (almost literally) jumpstart her ult. This fits in well, since each of their themes is built on constant rage.

    Now, a question I've had for a while is that if they feed on their own fury, why doesn't it hurt them in turn? We all hear / read / watch all the stories about those who turn into…

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