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    The LightBringer?

    May 28, 2014 by Wario1226

    Hello all you wonder poeple! time to OVER ANALYZE :D

    As you should know, riot released a song today called LightBringer- by Pentakill. The album is coming out June 3rd, and im hyped because it is exactly my style. Very reminisent of Hammerfall or Iron Maiden. But with all videos between characters, riot has a trick up their sleeve. With trials of the poro, it was braum. Vel koz had one as well with "First Contact". So is this a reference to someone or thing? Lets look at the possibilities.

    The Lyrics are as posted in the description of the video itself.

    "Fellow armsmen, I ask you,

    Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,

    And reclaim what once was mine?

    Those cravens.

    Backstabbed me, deceived me,

    Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,


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    Hello Everyone!

    To everyone who has been around long enough, you should all know what the fifth age armor is For those of you who dont: it's Taric's pink fluffy skin. I personally love this skin to death, and there arent many taric players, so there isnt a lot of that skin going around. I think that some other characters could do good with this. 

    My Ideas: 

    Fifth Age Ezreal: pink fluffies, fingerless gloves, a deep open vest, and his shots are pink, purple, and light blue.

    Fifth Age Jayce: yellow energy attacks, pink main color, rave glow stick glow on hammer.

    Fifth Age Lucian: bright green shots, pink clothes with dark purple cape.

    Fifth Age Varus: jagged, bright, and pink arrows. 

    you probably get the motifs for the skins, and i think they woul…

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    Hello Everyone! Im back with another build/guide dingymabob for an antimeta yet totally viable way to own your lane. preferably top, but if youre already following this then you could go anywhere.

    As read in the title, this gem lover isnt as gay as you think if you play him this way; as a top lane AD champ. now whether he is technically a bruiser or not, he still works really well with this AD set up and here's a rundown why.

    His passive gives your basic attacks more damage based on his maximum mana. This is 2% on minions, but is doubled to 4% for champions. This allows amazing synergy with Manamune/Muramana (and its passive) and gives more positives to the tankier toprics who chose to build a frozen heart or the hybrid toprics who want an i…

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    Opinions on Dominion?

    August 21, 2013 by Wario1226

    Hello Everyone!

    As you can see by the title, i am curious of you guys'  opinions on the game mode dominion. What I write doesnt much matter, but it is my opinion.

    I, having just recently played it in long sittings, enjoy it it. I find the fact that the games last only 10-20 minutes extremely nice, so if i get stuck on a crappy team, im not there for a minimum of 20 minutes. Also, having a more accesible objective makes for some fun sneaking around and a quicker pace when it comes to the end. The fast paced start is really nice if you want to do something silly like AP GP, and again the short game times also make that better, in case you get screwed by it. 

    Something i noticed is that because of the small map and accesible turrets over the who…

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    Junglers as Supports

    August 9, 2013 by Wario1226

    Hello Everyone! As you probably read in the title, you're here to read about the potential behind jungle-based champions as pure support versus supports who were created as support. Now before you get too far in this, understand I am a simple player who hasn't played much ranked by choice and that my opinions and play styles aren't even near perfect. I am never one to deny constructive criticism, so if you disagree with anything, let me know with some better things so I can adapt and become better.

    To elaborate on where this comes from: a jungler needs some good clear for jungle camps, some good sustain to survive the camps, and some good CC or initiation to gank successfully. A good support has a selection of poke, heals, armors, buffs, an…

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