Hello Everyone!

To everyone who has been around long enough, you should all know what the fifth age armor is For those of you who dont: it's Taric's pink fluffy skin. I personally love this skin to death, and there arent many taric players, so there isnt a lot of that skin going around. I think that some other characters could do good with this. 

My Ideas: 

Fifth Age Ezreal: pink fluffies, fingerless gloves, a deep open vest, and his shots are pink, purple, and light blue.

Fifth Age Jayce: yellow energy attacks, pink main color, rave glow stick glow on hammer.

Fifth Age Lucian: bright green shots, pink clothes with dark purple cape.

Fifth Age Varus: jagged, bright, and pink arrows. 

you probably get the motifs for the skins, and i think they would work out well. After all, if they are gonna make 20 different robot skins, they might as well make another fabulous skin to humiliate your oppnent.