Hello Everyone!

I have had a lot of fun with friends recently with creative custom games. These include hide and seek, tag, dodgeball, racing, and a chess-like game called protect the queen. However, these games all require every person to follow the (sometimes too many) rules. So I had an idea...

What if the host of the custom match could go into a little menu called "advanced options" or "advanced settings", where you can manipulate the feilds of justice to fit some of the bigger rules? Some items in the menu could be turning off towers. not destroying them, but making them under permanent ohmwrecker status. That would help hide&seek and tag players not get killed by someone running under tower during pursuit. Also, another ooption would be to turn off minion spawning in each lane. If you want to 1v1 on summoners rift and you dont want other lanes naturally pushing, just turn off top and bot minion spawning. or in my kind of case, if youre playing hide and seek someone cant go into lane and last hit or hide in a bush in a lane and sap xp, giving them an unfair advantage. Then there could be other more maticulous things like level you start at, gold you start with, jungle spawn time, minion spawn time, and turret/inhib/nexus base healths, which could help in situations that havent been encountered yet.

Overall, i just want to know if the public thinks this is a good idea and also, what else could the menu contain? Feel free to comment opinions and ideas. Also, remeber: this is for custom games and fun only, so things being potentially unfair or broken wouldnt be abused because it isnt meant for serious games.