Hello Everyone!

As you can see by the title, i am curious of you guys'  opinions on the game mode dominion. What I write doesnt much matter, but it is my opinion.

I, having just recently played it in long sittings, enjoy it it. I find the fact that the games last only 10-20 minutes extremely nice, so if i get stuck on a crappy team, im not there for a minimum of 20 minutes. Also, having a more accesible objective makes for some fun sneaking around and a quicker pace when it comes to the end. The fast paced start is really nice if you want to do something silly like AP GP, and again the short game times also make that better, in case you get screwed by it. 

Something i noticed is that because of the small map and accesible turrets over the whole map, teamwork is even more important, yet no one chats in the pre game lobby or at the beginning. it feels a bit cold in those starts, because no one really cares to talk. Also i noticed, and maybe its rotten luck, but teammates are more easily aggitated in this than normals. I was in 3rd and one of my teammates was screaming to report me in all chat just because i did a single sloppy play. Also, i had a 4v5 and one of my teamates wouldnt shut up about it. with games so short i'd think people would be calmer, but not so far. 

Overall my opinion is(TL;DR): i really like it, and id love to play it when i dont have time for a normal, but i wish my friends would get into it. 

So whats your opinion? got any stories, tips, or comments? Id love to hear them.

PS: if any avid dominion players read this; any tips on the meta of dominion that someone who is level 30 but doesnt play much dominion would might not know would be appreaciated. I hope to improve past the basics ive observed.