First Blog here: and its just a simple little thing im trying to see if i could make better based on comments.

So as the title implies, this idea is an AD Blitzcrank that goes top in laning phase. The main reasoning i like this is that his E (the uppercut) does double your AD with the hit and his W (overdrive) gives him a massive boost of attack speed along with the movement speed. These have great synergy in a trade. Also, his grab is a good way to initiate but isnt really a damage source. His ult is primarially used for the silence to stop getaways, but the sudden naturally high burst can help you secure a kill as well. Finally, his passive on the short cooldown it has can make a close trade more in your favor more often, and can be more helpful than generally judged.

I start with a long sword and 1 health pot and 1 mana pot. I rush the longsword into a manamune, for the mana into the passive sheild and for allowing some failed grabs with little conciquence. Then i like to try and get boots of swiftness aposed to b. greaves because of the slow resist and the amazing amount of speed you gain out of your W. After those 2 core items i generally like to build a BotRK and a statik shiv, for attack speed, life steal, crit, more movement speed, and that sweet statik passive; which synergizes nicely with blit's ult's passive. If I/you do well enough and get enough gold for more items, good situational items include: black cleaver, phantom dancer, bloodthirster, bansheees veil, or even warmogs.

I hope you liked the idea, and if you have feedback on how to improve it, please comment in a postive way. Thanks :D