Hello all you wonder poeple! time to OVER ANALYZE :D

As you should know, riot released a song today called LightBringer- by Pentakill. The album is coming out June 3rd, and im hyped because it is exactly my style. Very reminisent of Hammerfall or Iron Maiden. But with all videos between characters, riot has a trick up their sleeve. With trials of the poro, it was braum. Vel koz had one as well with "First Contact". So is this a reference to someone or thing? Lets look at the possibilities.

The Lyrics are as posted in the description of the video itself.

"Fellow armsmen, I ask you,

Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,

And reclaim what once was mine?

Those cravens.

Backstabbed me, deceived me,

Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,

Now let the hunt begin.

7000 souls, scared and daunted, such tale of woe,

Not too long ago, this village was a golden

scene of hope.

Call down the reckoning,

To bring back hope and peace,

Restore our gloria,

To live forever.

Bring down the dark regime,

I know how to unleash eternal power,

Lead us to order,

I am the Lightbringer!

Fellow warriors, I ask you,

Should my campaign come to an end?

There's way more to avenge.

15 million souls,

Living in this realm without much hope,

Not too long ago, this kingdom was a golden

state of hope."

Karthus: The singer of Pentakill, and he is getting a rework in the near future. He is the Deathsinger, however, and doesnt do much with light. Potentiallly he is getting a new skin with his rework; arclight perhaps.

Mordekaiser: The lead guitarist for Pentakill, he is dieing for some retribution after his sad conversion from metal master to mexican meriachie. He could as well be getting a skin or rework soon, since he is kinda stale and underused. Also, his picture is in the video, and is the only one.

Thresh: incredibly popular, might get a pentakill skin. this is a stretch, but the lyrics say 15 million souls. that could mean karthus (again) or even Yorick, but i think thresh has been getting some amazing riot attention. Also, he "brought the light" by making Lucian join the league.

New Champ: A light based champion, "king" of the shadow isle, according to the lyrics. Maybe he'll get a new pentalkill skin as his extra. Simlar to viktor getting a Creator skin to Velkoz getting a Battlecast skin, karthus' rework will synergize with the new champ and his skin.

Feel free to over analyze with me! i wanna see what you guys think. Have Fun :D