• Warriorkalia

    Support Discussion 1

    August 21, 2013 by Warriorkalia

    Hi there. This is my first [completed] blog post, and I hope to bring a few discussions to the table that I've been pondering for a while. Hopefully you won't find my ramblings too horribly annoying. Primarily I will be discussing the support role, as it's really the only one I have any real personal experience on [aside from top, but whatever].

    First on the table: Should supports be a thing?

    My friend recently complained to me that the support role is too confining. His claim is that no one wants to play it, and forcing someone to do so makes them have less fun. His proposal was that they not necessarily take the role out entirely, but they should make a viable alternative, such as dual jungle.

    My personal views on this matter are a bit mixe…

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