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  • Warwick-is-love

    In my psychology class last month, we talked about how other people's standings or rank affects your own performance and my teacher used LoL as an example since it was a pretty popular game in my campus.

    He said that most players who has an opponent with a higher rank tends to AFK or do poorly because it stresses them out or they got scared. Sometimes, players who have an ally with a higher rank has a tendency to do poorly on purpose just because he thinks he will carry the whole game. Of course, there are those who AFK on purpose to troll, but let's talk about that later...

    My point right now is that, when you see the ranks of everyone it gives off a reaction that will either way make them do poorly or AFK or...both? IDK. Of course, it won'…

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  • Warwick-is-love

    With all these changes with the jungle items, it reminds of that teaser trailer that appeared a few months ago with the caption : "Hold on to your buffs".

    I thought it was a teaser for the GP rework (which is coming soon said Rito) or the Prehistoric Skins but apparently it has a different meaning warning us for all these changes with Magus/Runeglaive and now Devourer.

    I feel that at the next cycle. they will change Warrior next. It seems is that they wanted to give these jungle items some more gimmicks so that other roles, not just the junglers, would benefit from them and since Cinderhulk already has one, I think it's safe to say Warrior will either get changed or be replaced.

    What I'm saying is just pure speculation, but it's kinda hard no…

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  • Warwick-is-love

    A little something I thought of as I looked at the Unreleased Content page in the Champs section, saying that Riot is interested in making a champion with pets. I'm still a beginner doing this so please help. :p Raiden, the Beast Tamer is a custom champion created by Warwick-is-love.

    While this skill is not on cooldown, Fangs will fight valiantly on the frontlines with 300/400/600/700/800 health, 10/12/14/16/20 armor and 4/8/12/16/20 magic resist. He has 50% of Raiden's total attack speed and physically strikes in melee-range twice.

    |description2 = Fangs dashes through other enemies and applies Grievous Wounds for 2 seconds and deal physical damage to a single enemy. While dashing, Fangs is immune to crowd control and knocks aside enemies, d…

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