• Wedar039

    Venus, the Heroine of Bandle City is a custom champion in League of Legends. This is my first custom champion, so please forgive me if anything is OP or otherwise. If you have any suggestions, questions, or complaints feel free to post them below. Looking for some help with a new title (current one is a super placeholder) and ability changes if they're too strong/weak/w.e.

    Will do bonus attack damage 10 (+5 per level) and reduces armor (5%) for 4 seconds.

    |description3= Will heal Venus for 7 (+7 per level) and increase Venus' armor and magic resist (5%) for 4 seconds. Bonus armor and magic resist will not stack with itself. }}

    Venus will dash forward a short distance, hitting enemies in her way. |description2= If Venus has her axe equipped, T…

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