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  • Werepirelord

    I had this idea quite a while ago, and i still like it: So the idea is like a flieing insect(evil butterfly).

    Passive(Pestermites): Vivisect does not use mana. Instead he gets a pestermite every 5/4/3 seconds.They deal 3/4/5 damage to surrounding units(bout like Sunfire Cape) and he gets 1+0.1/lvl Armor and magic resistance per pestermite. .Max. 5/6/7 Pestermites.

    Q-ability:(Kamikaze!)(Costs 1 Pestermite)(5, 4.5, 4....CD) Shoots 1 Pestermite (like a skillshot).It explodes and deals 50/80/110.... magic damage and poisons for 5/10/15/20/25 damage per second for 4 secondsin a small AoE(175).(AP ratios:0.6 and 0.3)

    W-Ability:(Trail of Gusts)(Costs 3 Pestermites)(20/18/16/14/12 CD) Leaves a trail of little Pests behind him for 3/4/5...secs dealing 20…

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