• Why97

    Solomon- The Tainted Saint

    September 10, 2013 by Why97


         This is my first posted champion concept on the wiki and I am open to any constructive criticism. I've had this idea for a while and the LoL players in my family like the idea, so I would like to read what the community has to say. This post is a rework of a concept I have previously written on paper. (Concept previously posted on Leagueoflegends.com champion concept blog). I wanted to post it in the regular champion concept format, but I couldn't figure out how.

    Solomon- The Tainted Saint


    Health- 400(+77.77 per level)=1800 at level 18 Health regen- 5.00(+0.5 per level) Mana- 400(+50 per level) Mana Regen- 7(+0.5 per level) Range- 150 (melee) Attack Damage- 60(+3 per level)= 114 at level 18 Attack Speed- 0.625(+3.22% per level…

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