1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 572.8 (+85) 2017.8 Attack damage 61.88 (+3.5) 121.4
Health regen. 8.6 (+0.7) 20.5 Attack speed 0.658 (+3%) 51.7%
Mana 297.2 (+40) 977.2 Armor 21.54 (+3) 72.5
Mana regen. 7 (+0.55) 16.4 Magic resist. 32.1 (+1.25) 53.4
Attack range 125 Mov. speed 345

Matilda, the Professional is a champion made for CCC5, a custom champion competition organized by Lykrast, with each round focusing on a specific feature. In this round, the feature was to have a champion-specific item. As I was aware of the rules way before the start of the competition, this concept is meant to be just for fun, and is not a competing entry.

The starting idea with Matilda was to have a champion who could jump you at any moment, no matter where you were. I wanted a champion who could globally instill a sense of dread in the enemy team, and who'd play out like a hired assassin, with the ability to place a bounty on an opponent's head. Matilda's kit is meant to allow her to kill even tanky enemies, but her staggered burst means she needs to rely on her utility and mobility to get her out of trouble as she kills her target. Matilda's kit would make her good as a mid, top, or jungler, but is purely designed for assassination.

Abilities Edit

Contract Killer

Contract: Matilda starts each game with a Willbachbakal Contract Contract, which occupies one of her item slots (cannot be sold). Additionally, Matilda can purchase Perks for 600 gold each that do not take inventory space but each add 25 ability power, 5% cooldown reduction and a bonus effect to her Contract, for a maximum of 125 ability power and 25% cooldown reduction.

Killer: After using an ability, Matilda's next basic attack within 3 seconds deals bonus magic damage equal to 4% (+ 1% per 100 AP) of the target's maximum health, capped at 300 against minions and monsters.

Additional info

The Contract bit will make more sense if you look at Matilda's unique item below. The reason I'm piling a lot of CDR on top of AP is because I want Matilda to focus on building AP, plus potentially mana and movement speed, and because Matilda's abilities are extremely strong in lane, and so warrant high-ish initial cooldowns that you can gradually lower past the laning phase. The Killer component is there to achieve several functions: first, it's there to allow Matilda to deal reliable damage to any opponent, including tanky enemies, since she cannot always determine which target she gets a bonus reward for killing. Secondly, it's there for Matilda to clear jungle camps faster, as most of her damage is single-target. Thirdly, it helps shunt some of Matilda's damage towards her autoattacks, meaning she has to space out her burst a little to make the most of it.

RANGE: 925
COST: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana
COOLDOWN: 7 / 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5
Transcendent Blades 2

Active: Matilda throws a dagger that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits and Slow icon slows them for 1.5 seconds. Matilda's next basic attack within the next 3 seconds against the affected enemy will pull out the dagger, dealing bonus magic damage and refunding the mana cost. Stiletto's mana cost is also refunded if it kills the target.

Additional info

The main purpose of Stiletto is to ensure Matilda has a reliable way to last hit in lane, though it's also meant to help her catch up to/snipe faraway targets. I split the damage heavily in favor of the initial hit, but mainly because I think Matilda already has enough of an incentive to get up close to autoattack her opponent due to her passive.

  • Magic Damage: 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+ 60% AP)
  • Bonus Magic Damage: 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+ 30% AP)
  • Total Magic Damage: 90 / 135 / 180 / 225 / 270 (+ 90% AP)
  • Slow: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%
Sudden Death
RANGE: 300
COST: 60 mana
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
Shadow Dash

Passive: Killer's bonus damage is increased against enemies below 40% of their maximum health.

  • Damage Increase: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100%

Active: Matilda blinks instantly to the target location. This ability can be cast again at no additional cost within the next 2 seconds.

Additional info

I gave Matilda two short-range blinks instead of one long-range one mainly to allow her to proc Killer twice, but also to allow her to quickly reposition herself mid-fight. I don't want to give this ability damage upfront, but I want this to encourage use of Killer procs, hence the passive execute component which also makes up for the ability's lack of scaling through anything other than its cooldown.

RANGE: 425
COST: 30 mana
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
Cull the Meek

Active: Matilda slashes in a cone, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits. All enemy projectiles the blade intercepts are nullified.

Additional info

Sever is meant to serve a dual function as Matilda's main jungle clear and a way for her to deal with ranged harass in lane. I think Matilda can afford to have some defensive utility, as her burst is way more spaced out than any other AP assassin's, requiring her to weave multiple autoattacks into her spell rotation.

  • Magic Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 70% AP)
Seal the Deal
RANGE: Global
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 200 / 150 / 100
Raise Morale

Passive: Matilda gains movement speed when moving towards a visible Marked target within 2000 units.

  • Movement Speed Increase: 10 / 20 / 30%

Active: Matilda channels for 1 second before teleporting directly behind her Marked target's location at the time of cast. While channeling, the target's Mark flashes to indicate her arrival.

Additional info

Seal the Deal is the ability I started with. I think it would be both hilarious and terrifying to have the possibility of an assassin popping up directly behind you at any point in the game, which is why I ran with it and the Mark mechanic. Obviously, this would give Matilda tremendous power and global pressure, which is why her ult has a massive cooldown. The movement speed increase is mainly there to give Seal the Deal more scaling besides lower cooldowns, as with Sudden Death, but is also there to allow Matilda to hunt down marked targets with increasing efficiency.

Item: Contract Edit

Contract is Matilda's unique item, assigning her targets to kill on the enemy team. Though I hate randomness, here I think it would work as it doesn't actually affect Matilda's in-combat gameplay, but rather sets her objectives throughout the game. I mainly intended this to work with a jungler Matilda, so that the item could incentivize her to gank a lane she normally wouldn't consider going to.

Because this item can only take up a slot in Matilda's main inventory, I want her to also purchase Perks on her Contract, allowing her to progressively give her Contract better stats as well as grant herself unique bonuses. There are a total of five Perks, costing 600 gold each, that add 25 ability power and 5% cooldown reduction to her contract, up to a total of 125 ability power and 25% cooldown reduction for 600 gold (each Perk is gold efficient on stats alone). Additionally, each Perk gives Matilda a unique bonus. Here's the list:

  • Death Note: Killer-enhanced basic attacks cause the victim to bleed for an additional 2% (+ 0.5% for every 100 AP) of their maximum health over 3 seconds.
  • Open Wounds: Picking up Stiletto's dagger reapplies its slow.
  • Shadowstep: Matilda can blink one more time during Sudden Death.
  • Shear: Sever increases the magic damage taken by enemies hit by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Surprise!: After teleporting via Seal the Deal, Matilda's next basic attack has 550 range and will cause her to jump to her target.

What are your thoughts? What do you think of Contract and its Mark mechanic?

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