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Yordles are, by nature, affectionate and fast friends. Yet no friendship has ever been stronger than between Meenk and his faithful hound, Scruffy. At a young age, Meenk would play every day with the family pet, pretending to be a mighty hunter in the Freljord or in the year's Great Hunt. So strong was the bond, that even at an adult age Meenk preferred Scruffy's company over that of other Yordles. Yet while Meenk grew bigger, Scruffy just grew older: long past a hound's prime, his poor little body started failing him. Meenk was inconsolable.

All changed when he ran into RumbleSquare Rumble: half out of pity, half as a joke, the tinkerer drew him a few blueprints to help him "upgrade" Scruffy. And upgrade he did: bit by bit, Scruffy became good as new, better even, as his new hextech body allowed him to pull off incredible feats. Seizing the opportunity to make their dream come true, Meenk and his robo-hound set for the League of Legends, where they'd hunt the biggest game of all.


Upon Selection
  • How sporting of you!
  • They'll make quite the trophy!
  • Go for the snacks, Scruffy!
  • Bite their legs off!
  • They're fighting back? How rude.
  • You bite, I shoot.
  • Let's go for a clean kill.
  • Look for tracks, Scruff!
  • Onward to new adventures!
  • See anything in that bush?
  • Oh, this is terribly exciting.
  • Impeccable timing.
  • Thank goodness, you almost had me bored.
  • Scruffy doesn't like you. Not one bit.
  • Your manners are positively ghastly!
  • You're not even worth our killing you for sport.

Scruffy puts an apple on his head and stands up. Meenk takes aim, then shoots Scruffy's head off.

  • The best aim in all of... oops.
  • I could hit a bead all the way over... never mind.
Upon being picked up by Scruffy during Rolling Thunder Flush
  • Tally ho!
  • Yippee!
  • Chaaaarge!
Upon using Eternal Thirst The Great Hunt
  • Did you expect this?
  • Big game calls for bigger explosions!
  • Let the games begin!

Dance: Scruffy and Meenk do the Twist.

Death Animation: Scruffy blows up into his component parts, and Meenk falls back.

Idea Origin

The core idea was to have a champion with a permanent pet, and then base its abilities and lore around that. I wanted him to have a kit that would give him a lot of power, but that would also hinge on his pet. While designing his abilities, the idea of having a robotic pet dog felt like a natural extension, and having the main character be a Yordle version of a British aristocrat followed soon after.

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