Champion Background Skins & Trivia

There's probably more here than there needs to be. After all, she ain't real. :P

Skin Ideas

  • Classic Rheya: Rheya's basic skin. Without a charge, she'd look like a youngish woman in traveler's clothing. Upon gaining an elemental charge, she'd instead be clothed in the element she's holding (basically, a texture change, like UdyrSquare Udyr).
  • Sprite Rheya: Instead of traveler's clothes she'd be dressed in some kind of ethereal garment. Upon gaining a charge, instead of simply wearing the element she'd become the element, i.e. an elemental sprite (which could also be just a texture change).
  • Priestess Rheya: In her normal form she'd be dressed in some kind of ancient priestly garment. As a shoutout to the Bionicle franchise, whose heroes represent the elements, she could also wear a mask, which'd change shape depending on which elemental charge she's holding. When charged, her body could also be partly human, partly elemental.


  • As pointed out by Yizbenlazzer, Rheya, Crux of the Elements bears similarities to the names of team Curse's members, Rhux and Elementz.
  • Were every elemental iteration to be counted as a separate ability, Rheya would have 9 abilities in total, more than any official champion in the League of Legends (it's good that the iterations aren't too different from each other, then).
  • Rheya's main mechanic, i.e. the combination of elements to produce different abilities, is similar (though entirely different in execution) to that of the Dota series' Invoker, who manipulates ice, fire, and storm elements to create a total of 10 unique spells.
  • Rheya's name means "flowing stream" in ancient Greek, calling back to both her name and general playstyle.


  • Light my Fire is a song by the Doors, most famous for the phrase "Come on baby, light my fire".
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